Pakistan’s Defense Minister has stated that as part of a new military operation against insurgents, Pakistan will conduct attacks in Afghanistan in the future.

Speaking to BBC Urdu on Tuesday, Khawaja Asif said, “It’s a fact that we have operated in Afghanistan and will continue to do so. We won’t welcome them (Taliban) with cake and sweets. If they attack, we will respond.”

Khawaja Asif stressed that the airstrikes target groups threatening Pakistani security forces and civilians. Pakistan confirmed one cross-border attack into Afghanistan in March this year. The Taliban view these actions as violations of Afghanistan’s sovereignty.

He also dismissed concerns about the legality of these attacks, stating that Pakistan will not tolerate Taliban activities like those of TTP during imminent attacks.

Pakistan’s Defense Minister said, “This removes an element of surprise; why should we tell them to prepare? We are coming?”

Earlier, the Defense Minister of Pakistan had threatened that under a new military operation called “Operation Resolve”, the Pakistani army would target Taliban hideouts outside Pakistan.

The Taliban Defense Ministry responded to Khawaja Asif’s statements as “irresponsible” and stated that attacks within Afghanistan violate national sovereignty and have consequences.

Since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan in August 2021, tensions with Pakistan have heightened. Islamabad alleges that Pakistani Taliban activities in Afghan areas serve as bases and safe havens. Khawaja Asif noted Pakistan’s calls for action against these groups from the Afghan Taliban have gone unanswered.

In response to escalating threats, Pakistan initiated “Operation Resolve” to curb violence and terrorism. This operation targets active groups primarily within Pakistan’s borders, aiming to maintain regional security and stability.

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