Legal Document No 14


The demise of the late Maharaja Ranbir Singh was announced to your Lordship by telegram on the 12th September and the papers now enclosed will acquaint Her Majesty’s Government with the steps we have taken to carry out the policy approved by Lord Kimberley’s despatch, dated the 23rd May 1884. The succesion of Pertab Singh, the eldest son of the deceased Maharaja, to the undivided Chiefship of Janice and Kashmir has been recognised and confirmed. The position of political officer in Kashmir has been placed on the same footing with that of Residents in other Indian States in subordinate alliance with the Government. The attention of the new ruler has been drawn to certain measures of reforms which we consider essential to remedy the longstanding misrule in His Highness’s territories. At the same tirade Maharaja has been assured that we desire to leave The initiation of these measures in his hands, to abstain from unnecessary interference in his affairs, and to allow him all legitimate discretion and a liberal period of time for the execution of a work which is as difficult as it is necessary.

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