Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari on Thursday said that New Delhi Backs those who represent apirations of the people. He was quick to add that peace in J&K is because of central Government.

Talking to reporters at Party office Srinagar, Bukhari said that New Delhi stands with those who advocate for the interest of people. He stated that there is no room in India for those who fail to represent the aspirations of the people.

Bukhari said that when he floated the Apni Party in 2020, he faced criticism and abuse from various quarters. He noted that even the media was embarrassed by the negativity and criticism directed towards the Apni Party on social media. “Despite this, we remained resolute in our commitment to honest and transparent politics.”

Responding a question whether there was any political involved behind the militancy in Kashmir Valley, Bukhari said that there indeed was political involvement. He pointed out that even the Home Minister recently commented on this issue, indicating that such involvement is being exposed.

Bukhari said that he will unveil the truth once his government comes into power and will establish a truth commission to investigate and reveal the identities of those responsible for various incidents.

He asserted that while others talk about truth and reconciliation, his party will prioritize uncovering the facts about who perpetrated which actions.

Bukhari said that the Apni Party is gaining widespread support because people recognize that a man has emerged who speaks bluntly but speaks the truth. “Let result come on june 04, those who doubt the Apni party’s credibility will be surprised. For the past four years, we have actively been engaged with the people, listening to their concerns, rather than remaining secluded in comfortable spaces.”

When asked about Sajad Lone’s remarks referring to Omar Abdullah as a “tourist” on contesting elections from North Kashmir, Bukhari refrained from commenting directly. However, he questioned why Omar Abdullah left Srinagar when the people needed him. Bukhari suggested that perhaps Abdullah may have assessed that he couldn’t win from srinagar, but he should have contested from Srinagar.

On being asked if he is indirectly hand in glove with BJP, Bukhari said he directly stands with Prime Minister of India saying it was he who gave the protection of land and jobs. He is the one who abrogated artice 370 and he will restore statehood which is in Apni Party’s core Agenda.

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