In a disturbing trend, five more individuals have reportedly been forcibly disappeared in Pak-occupied-Balochistan over the last two days of June 2024. These incidents have reignited concerns about human rights violations in the region.

The reported disappearances include: Abdul Hayee, a health worker, taken from Awaran town on June 1, Dilawer, detained from Turbat city on June 28, Abdullah Baloch disappeared from Jahoo Awaran district on June 30, Saeed detained by CTD Police in Khuzdar city on June 30 and Mohammad Arif taken from Turbat city on June 29.

These individuals were detained by Pak security forces or associated groups.

These incidents occur against a backdrop of longstanding tensions in Pak-occupied Balochistan. Since 1948, the region has been under Pak Army control, with them exploiting the resources and human rights abuses. Enforced disappearances, marginalization, and extrajudicial killings have been used as tools of oppression against the Baloch community.

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