The Pak Army has intensified its policies targeting the Baloch population, with enforced disappearances emerging as a significant component of this repression. The Army has been implicated in forcibly disappearing Baloch individuals, a practice that has recently resulted in the discovery of two mutilated bodies in Panjgur and Soorab, in Pak-occupied-Balochistan.

The Baloch community continues to protest against these human rights violations, marking the ninth day of a sit-in by the families of Baloch missing persons in Turbat. These extrajudicial killings have instilled fear among the families of the victims, amplifying concerns over the deteriorating human rights situation in Pak-occupied-Balochistan.

The sit-in protest in Turbat has seen families enduring scorching temperatures to demand justice for their missing loved ones. Enforced disappearances remain a grim manifestation of the systematic attempt by the Army to destroy Baloch society through oppressive practices. This situation has been described as a direct attack on human rights and a deliberate effort to inflict psychological and physical harm on the Baloch community.

Human rights organizations are being urged to raise their voices against these violations and hold Pakistan accountable on international platforms. The ongoing protests highlight the desperation and despair of families left abandoned and hopeless in their quest for justice.

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