The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) has led successful demonstrations across the south Pakhtunkhwa districts in solidarity with the brutality committed by Pak Army in the ongoing protests in Chaman.

These protests erupted against Pakistan’s sudden enforcement of passport requirements at the Durand Line, causing hardship for Pashtun Afghans and locals with cross-border connections.

Local Pashtuns, supported by PTM, have been staging sit-ins for seven months, demanding a reversal of the passport policy. PTM’s efforts have resonated across southern Pashtunkhwa, including in Quetta, Lorlai, Zhob, and Pasheen, drawing attention to Chaman’s plight and advocating for justice and accountability.

The Chaman protest, highlighting the struggle against mandatory passports, turned into a violent chaos on June 6 when the Pak Army’s Frontier Corps (FC) opened fired on peaceful protesters.

Even though the protestors maintained nonviolent methods, they were met with excessive force, shedding light on the Pak establishment’s oppressive tactics.

PTM’s commitment to nonviolent resistance and marginalized communities has gained admiration amidst the ongoing struggle for rights and equality in the region.

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