Secret Negotiations on India-Pakistan Ceasefire Agreement

According to the Indian newspaper the Print and Independent Urdu, the decision of a ceasefire between India and Pakistan along its border is a result of secret negotiations between National Security Advisor of India Ajit Doval and Special Assistant to PM on security Moeed Yusuf of Pakistan. The DGMO’s of both nations reactivated the 2003 mechanism after these secret negotiations. According to these reports:

  • There is a possibility that India and Pakistan may upgrade the bilateral ties and Delhi may pave the way for Pakistan to host the 19th SAARC Conference in Pakistan (that was cancelled in 2016). The analyst underlined that In 2016 India went into protest and boycotted SAARC after the Uri attack. He pointed out that India want to control SAARC and it never lets Pakistan speak on the issue of Kashmir in this forum.
  • PM of India Narendra Modi might also visit Pakistan to attend the SAARC conference. After article 370 was removed from Kashmir Pakistan protested the change and called back its High Commissioner, India did the same. Now both countries might send back the commissioners.
  • He asked but Pakistan needs a reality check and asks why in the first place it downgraded relations with India? It is because of Kashmir and the illegal scrapping of article 370 by the Modi government. The rights of the people were snatched and their voices were silenced by India. Now that Pakistan is talking about peace, would the PM and Chief of the army like to answer, have they been to give the rights to Kashmiri’s? Is the Kashmir issue resolved according to them? Is 370 restored? Has India stopped its dirty games in Kashmir?
  • He pointed out that India removed article 370 from Kashmir so that they can settle mainland Hindus in Kashmir and after 10 or 20 years if there is a plebiscite, Kashmir’s are in minority and the Hindu majority will say it wants to stay with India.
  • He argued that the existence and training of the Pakistan army are given keeping India in mind, which DG ISPR also said in the past. The main aim of the Pakistani army is to free Kashmir from the clutches of India.
  • He argued that a few days back Pakistan submitted a dossier on Indian terrorism in Pakistan, now without achieving anything the army is making a compromise and talking about peace. Have they come out with a formula like that of the Musharraf Formula?
  • India is never ready for peace, this is just a delaying tactic as the US will not want any war between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has gone bloody nose with India many times, Kargil in 1999 but on the table, they give away and change their stand. People (Kashmiri) will react to this and it might not go in favour of Pakistan.

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