Text of the statement of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah on Indian States 1946.

The Indian States problems are closely linked up with those of British India. They are common both to British India and Indian States.
The British are well aware of the position, indicated the two lines of defence on which British Imperialism could relay. The first line of defence lies in the question of the Congress League understanding, with the implication of Hindu-Muslim unity. The second line of defence rests on the position of the Princes who, in the eye of British Imperialism, should be safeguarded.
With such a prospect before the people of India, it is necessary both for the people of British India and those of the Indian States to coordinate and merge the movements into a single channel. In order to do this, the people’s organizations in the States should be strengthened.
The problem of the people in the States is primarily one of removing autocracy and establishing full responsible government. That object cannot be achieved unless a united front is offered by the people.
After the State’s people’s Conference at Udaipur I feel that the people in the States are now awakened more than ever before. There is now a more widespread political consciousness among them. It is true that sentiments have lately played a great part in the poetics of the Country, particularly in British India. Take the instance of the cry of Pakistan. It was born of distress. Now it is stripped of all reasons. The question before the Muslims will be whether the realization of Pakistan is a blessing to them. I personally think that Pakistan will not help the Muslim masses but hinder them in their struggle for political and economic emancipation. In our State this question however, does not arise, because an overwhelming majority of the people are Muslims and there is no need to fear Hindu domination.

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