Sheikh Rasheed: anti-Pakistan forces trying to destabilize the country

At least five people were killed and 10 others, including two assistant commissioners, were injured in an explosion in the parking lot of a private hotel on Zarghoon Road near Balochistan Assembly Chowk in Quetta. 

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has said that by carrying out attacks like in Quetta, anti-Pakistan forces were trying to destabilize the country. He said India was trying to harm Pakistan by using our internal enemies. Rasheed said that the ongoing terrorism wave was according to an international agenda. The minister said that reports were available for possible attacks in big cities in the country. Commenting on whether the attack was meant to target the Chinese ambassador, Sheikh Rasheed said that the ambassador was not in the hotel at that time.

CPEC is acting as a thorn in the eyes of the enemies of Pakistan. It is going to be a game-changer for Pakistan. China had invited all countries to join, including India. Just because of its anti-Pakistan stand, India rejected the offer and joined hands with other anti-CPEC countries to sabotage the project. New Delhi convinced America as well. Some pro-India people in Pakistan raised voice against CPEC at the beginning also. The government of Pakistan and the military have tried to talk to them to address their concerns.

India is yet to reconcile to the existence of Pakistan. It cannot digest the fact that Pakistan shares good relations with China. It has always tried to create a rift in the bilateral ties. India is the largest country in the region. But the role being played by Pakistan to bring peace to the region cannot be ignored. Islamabad is actively engaged with America to restore peace to Pakistan. Washington, despite its good ties with India, cannot ignore Pakistan. India tried to set its foot on Afghanistan and President Trump helped it achieve its aim. But President Biden has refused to give any role to New Delhi in Afghanistan.

India wants the destruction of Pakistan. There is no doubt that India is a terrorist state and Pakistan has provided proof for that. Some time ago, an article in the American journal Foreign Policy exposed India by detailing the links that India has with terrorist groups. Taking the report of the Foreign Policy article as proof, an effort should be made to put India on FATF’s blacklist. However, before that, all efforts should be made to stop terror attacks in the country.

For the last few years, terror attacks have been rather common in Balochistan. Blasts, attacks on security forces, and other targets have become quite common. There are proofs of the involvement of external enemies in these attacks who in collaboration with local violent groups are trying to destabilize the province. … All the attacks in the last six months point to a consistent trend, which is a matter of concern. Relevant institutions need to take extra measures to counter these attacks.

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