Sorting the anti-national sentiments in the valley

Certain rise in the anti-national sentiments is an indication of the planning and investment done by the separatist groups, though their role seems to be lowered after the death of senior separatist leader- Ali Geelani but in real the roots laid by the separatism have grown strong and in all directions. However, coping up with them is government’s first priority, but it must be considered that even diverted faction is our population and they are related to us as we are to them.

Narrowing their critic space can only bring us more such cases as human psychology teaches us this in detail. At the same time the menace and ill-practice needs to be settled down as gravel rests in a glass of water. This management asks for more time and patience, tolerance is a gem that not only lessens the foreign criticism but also strengthens the belief of people in law and order, rights and their space of exercise.

A shift in policy by employing the energies of the youth, thought process, problem solving, and several other sessions to humanize the dealings with the ‘timely-diverted section’ shall illuminate the ray of hope in intelligentsia which will surely after brief time sediment into respective homes where till that yesterday hatred was blooming. Engagement of youth in anti-national activities is evident due to incessant terrorist operations from last three decades, more pertinently the unrest from 2010 has deepened the situation.

Now the challenge is big, problem diverse and solutions many but to choose the one needs dearth for implementation- ‘tolerance with soft punishment’ wisdom in many situations will restrict the evolution in cases, the agencies sponsoring will loss, and for more better tomorrow, a little bad today shouldn’t matter. People need a healing touch, scars shall fade and a healthy society will evolve within the shambles of fractured society. The plans of separatists will be diluted and the youth will take an oath to serve their mother nation- Great India. Only condition is proper dealing and soft-punishment. As the time of harsh punishments have gone, new tactics must be played.


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