Spike in terror incidents in Balochistan leaves Pak govt in a fix

As the security situation in Balochistan province continues to worsen, analysts have pointed to the spread of violence to urban centres by rebels of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

At least three people were killed and 24 others injured in a blast near a police van at Quetta’s Fatima Jinnah Road on Wednesday.

The local police said the nature of the blast was being ascertained, but added that 2-2.5 kgs of explosives were used, the Dawn newspaper reported.

Experts say that the recent surge in terror attacks has left the Pakistani government in a fix.

“Overtly, having backed the Taliban and the change of government since the withdrawal of the US troops last August, it will lose face in the international community if its bickering came out into the open,” said the European Times.

Soft Target Killings By Pak’s Terror Networks Likely To Resurge In Kashmir

According to Islamabad-based Pak Institute of Peace Studies, the new regime in Afghanistan is “not helping in any way Pakistan’s efforts to deal with the militant groups threatening its security”.

Analysts believe that the dilemma Pakistan faces is evident from the fact that while it seeks world recognition for the Taliban regime, which it has itself has not recognised.

Earlier this month, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there is “no other alternative to Taliban in Afghanistan,” so the “only option the world has right now is to engage with the Taliban for things to move forward.”

In an exclusive interview with Fareed Fareed Zakaria for CNN, talking about Pakistan’s diplomatic relations with the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, he said that sooner or later, the Taliban will have to be recognised by the world as it is about the well-being and future of about 40 million Afghans.

“Afghanistan is on the verge of experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis,” Imran Khan said. “Considering the circumstances, is there any other alternative to the Taliban in Afghanistan? No, there isn’t.”

Courtesy: The Print

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