Baloch student organizations across Pakistan are mobilizing to protest the recent surge in enforced disappearances and harassment of Baloch students in various educational institutions.

In Quetta, Pak-occupied-Balochistan, a rally is being organized by the Baloch Students Council to demand the release of Farooq Baloch and Anees Baloch, who have been subjected to enforced disappearances by Pak Army. The protest is scheduled to commence at 4:30 PM on Tuesday from the premises of Balochistan University.

Meanwhile, in Lahore, the Baloch Students Council, Punjab held a protest rally today at Punjab University, raising voices against the enforced disappearances of Baloch students and the profiling and harassment they face in institutions across Punjab and Islamabad.

Adding a digital dimension to the protests, the Baloch Students Councils of Punjab and Islamabad are organizing a Twitter Space discussion titled “Recent Surge in Enforced Disappearances and Profiling/Harassment of Baloch Students.” This online event aims to shed light on the pressing issue and garner broader support.

The enforced disappearances of Baloch students and activists have been a longstanding concern in Pakistan, with human rights organizations repeatedly urging authorities to address the issue and ensure the safety and rights of all citizens.

These planned protests highlight the growing frustration and determination of the Baloch student community to raise awareness about the violations they face by the very authority that is in power. Since, Pak Army occupied Balochistan in 1948, Baloch community is living in nightmare. They are not only subjected to enforced disappearances but also frequent raids, and extra judicial killings.

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