In a troubling development from Mashkay tehsil of Awaran district, Balochistan, six individuals, including two brothers, have reportedly gone missing since Thursday.

The individuals, identified as Amjad and Ali, sons of Deen Muhammad; Mehboob, son of Yar Jan; Taj Muhammad, son of Muhammad Ibrahim; Baloch, son of Dil Murad; and Abdullah, son of Abdul Qadir, were allegedly detained by Pakistani forces following their participation in a protest rally. The rally, which spanned from Gorjak to Malash-band, was organized to voice opposition against the ongoing issue of forced disappearances.

During the events, Abdullah son of Abdul Qadir was reportedly taken into custody. In a distressing turn of events, Taj Muhammad, who approached the camp to inquire about Abdullah’s disappearance, also went missing.

It is crucial to note the historical context of violence in the region, as highlighted by the case of Mehboob’s father, Yar Muhammad, who was killed in 2017 in the Gichk area of Panjgur district. The assailants were allegedly linked to a government-supported ‘death squad.’

The current month has seen a marked increase in enforced disappearances across Balochistan, with numerous individuals reported missing from various districts in just the first half of May.

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