They stayed to fight the Taliban. Now the protesters are being hunted down

Pakistan’s army and its people are rejoicing the return of Taliban Government as some sort of victory of medieval Islam over the mighty West. Some even think that the two “stan” will merge to make a larger “stan.” Those ‘strategic thinkers’ with hate filled minds believe it can give new life to the dead horse of Kashmir. Some in the Indian media and defence analysts believe that a Taliban-Pakistan Army nexus can incite some insurgency in Kashmir.

I think TALIBANISATION of Afghanistan is a blessing in disguise for India.

I tend to think that Pakistan has fallen into a trap which it dug thinking it was for others and the reasons is that Afghanistan has zero-sum economic value. It is a country of 40 million people who are violent, largely uneducated, fragmented, loyalties divided among several warlords who organize violence and control territory. There is no central authority across, ideological, economic, military, social and political spheres of life.

It is a landlocked, resourceless, financially bankrupt country with no industrial, agricultural or services industry base. It is a land which historically no civilisation ever wanted to occupy. From Alexander to Babar, no one wanted to settle in Afghanistan as it was only a passage to the doors of India. There was nothing in Afghanistan to plunder or conquer.

Who would like to invade barren, ugly, dry mountains with harsh and extreme climate? The stories of its strategic location or natural resources is just a non-sense myth. It has no mineral resources that China would be eyeing for. USSR never came here to occupy it, nor the US. The big powers used the Islamic fundamentalism to their strategic benefit and that’s all. US created monsters in Afghanistan which are going to devour only each other. Pakistanis society will be its prime prey.


It is a country who has exported only terrorism, hashish and asylum seekers. It is country with the worst economic, demographic, education, human development, health, women welfare, culture and entertainment, quality of life, trade, industry, agriculture, energy, security, communication, energy etc. indicators in the whole world and Pakistani think they have been blessed a jewel in their crown!


Which foreign nation would invest in Afghanistan where the interim cabinet they have announced comprises of at least 14 wanted men on the UNO’s blacklist. The interior minister is most wanted on the FBI’s most wanted list. Five ministers are popularly known as “Taliban-5” for being the ex-Guantanamo Bay inmates, handed over to the US by Pakistan then. The Prime Minister is the one who ordered for the Bamiyan Buddha to be destroyed. The Deputy PM was arrested in 2010 from Karachi and was in Pakistani jail for 8 years till January 2019 when he was released on the US orders to be made the political head of Taliban office in Qatar! The Defence Minister is the son of Mullah Omar, the founder of Taliban. The Intelligence Chief was educated in a madrassa in Quetta and was arrested in 2001. Such is the brief introduction of the galaxy of the Taliban leadership.


The free lunch of the last 2 decades where USA put up over 1 Trillion $ is no more. Soon, Afghanistan would face hunger and shortage of commodities. Soon, the warlords, like wild hungry dogs will be out hunting and scavenging anything they can come across, be that live prey, or dead livestock. The Afghan people who have had tasted a bit of freedom in the last 20 years will surely rebel against the harsh measure which Taliban would definitely implement.

Afghanistan will implode first and then explode. Pakistan will fall prey to them. The kind of Islam which Taliban profess will make its inroads into the country with a lot of sleeper cells already entrenched there in the form of millions of madrassas ‘educated’ illiterates, 3.5 millions terror breeding cells aka mosques and hate filled, mindless army top brass.

How can Pakistanis think that their already nearly bankrupt country will have a kiss of life by merging with financially, intellectually and morally bankrupt country headed by terrorists? I am appalled if the Pakistani junta believe that Pakistan can thrive by having a close contact with a society which is living in stone age.

Afghanistan is an unfortunate land which has nothing but misery to offer to its unlucky inhabitants – since Islam landed here. It is a law of nature that any nation where free thinking is crime, women are persecuted, and music is haram can’t prosper. Pakistan has added manifold in its problems. I don’t think that this situation is a problem for India. To me it is blessing in disguise for India.

We thought that the fate of the Pakistanis is already miserable enough, but I am sure the real suffering for Pakistan has just begun.

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