Taliban to avenge the Masjid bombing in Takhar

The Afghan Taliban has said that it would avenge the bombing of a masjid of Taloqan in Takhar province. They rejected the apprehensions of Kabul and the West that there was a civil war going on in Afghanistan. In its statement, the Taliban said that there was no war in Afghanistan that Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib is referring to while asking Europe and America to shun their idea of withdrawing from the country.

For the last 18 years, America and its allies have been engaged in fighting. Thousands of Afghans have been martyred and thousands displaced. Despite that, the Kabul administration has started issuing nonsensical statements to save the puppet regime. Reality is that whenever foreign occupation is ended in Afghanistan, their puppets become useless and obsolete. The current crisis would end when these people with vested interests would be no more in command.

These shortsighted people are calling the withdrawal of foreigners disastrous for Afghanistan. They say that as soon as their patrons are gone, there would be civil war. This is a conspiracy to keep the country boiling and sabotage the peace process. These people want their patrons to bomb innocent people of Afghanistan.

In contrast, the Afghan Taliban have assured the Afghans that after the withdrawal, peace would return to the country. People who want war and instability in Afghanistan would vanish into thin air. The Taliban have promised to avenge the bombing of the masjid in Taloqan in which many innocent people were killed. They have alleged that the Government is trying to provoke a reaction from the Taliban so that the talks would fail. According to a statement issued by the Afghan Taliban Military Commission, there is no place for the current Government and its supporters in Afghanistan. It needs to be mentioned that after the start of intra-Afghan talks, the Government in Kabul has increased its military attacks and propaganda against the Taliban.

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