Episode shows Imran Khan is adamant on proving himself dangerous. He wants to take advantage of the current situation in Pakistan and remain in power. The establishment appears keen on recalling Nawaz Sharif with many conditions. Gen Bajwa appears keen on replacing Imran Khan with Nawaz Sharif. The political opposition is disorganized and powerless. Imran Khan is a pawn in the hands of Army. Imran Khan is proving a difficult person for the Pak Army due to his cunnig approach. He has come to the stage of threatening the establishment and this appears to temporarily keep him in power.

Imran Khan has put his country under heavy debt burden. Corruption has been gnawing away at the base of Pakistan’s society. Drug culture is invading schools and colleges in Pakistan. As per Imran Khan, sex crime, especially pedophilia, is sky rocketing. Family system is collapsing. Divorces are on the rise. The more a permissive culture is promoted, more is the family system adversely affected.

Despite being called an Islamic nation, Pakistan is far from the ideals of Islam.

In this episode India has managed to meet its Covid vaccination targets to a large extent. In J&K, Indian Army has been playing a major role in vaccination drive for the civil populace. COVID hospitals have been established by Army in Baramulla and Uri for the locals.

Pakistan’s telecom ministry has refused to allow, 3G and 4G services in GB and POJK. As per the ministry, these are not part of Pakistan. Mobile services are primarily provided by foreign cellular companies in Pakistan. These foreign companies have a good relationship with India. They do not want to get into disputed territories of POJK and GB and annoy India. The other side of the story is that the Pak establishment does not want these areas to come into the mainstream and thereby expose its atrocities and lack of development there.

Episode shows UT of J&K is on a path of progress. The style of governance has undergone a significant change. Better governance index has led to a bright picture of things to emerge. UT of J&K will be the first state/UT having its district wise Good Governance Index. Work had started on this from July 2021 itself. Major administrative reforms are being implemented.

Youth of J&K are on the path of progress in all fields. Malik Kamila topped the Kashmir Administrative services last year. She holds a B Tech degree from NIT Srinagar. She has achieved this rank in her first attempt. She credits this to consistency in approach

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