Three major Indian terror attempts have been thwarted

Planning of terror attacks in three major cities of Pakistan on the anniversary of the fall of East Pakistan and the terrorist attack at Army Public School (APS) that day, is a reminder that India is not going to shun its nefarious activities inside Pakistan. At the same time, the Pakistani securities agencies have signalled, by foiling these attempts, that Pakistan is ready to flip the enemy’s plan.

Targeting of Chinese Nationals was deliberately designed to sabotage CPEC and harm China-Pak relations. By attacking the Islamabad Stock Exchange, India wanted to expose the fragile security situation in Pakistan and terrorize the investors. Since CPEC-related actions are being handled directly by the Indian PM himself, it could be said that the alertness of security forces in Pakistan to thwart these terror incidents is like a slap on the face of the Indian PM.

Terrorist incidents by India are not surprising. In fact, one should not anticipate anything good from India. Be it fall of East Pakistan in 1971 or APS attack in 2014 on the same date, these are testimony to Indian barbarism. Granddaughter of Indian freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose (Sarmila Bose) has revealed in her book Dead Reckoning that the Indian army mercilessly killed innocent children and misled the local population.

The way Indian barbarism was shown on the same day in 2014 at the Peshawar army public school is unprecedented. Pakistan has already presented all the details about the attack in its dossier. Global powers, for the sake of selling their arms, are protecting India. At a time when security forces foiled three major terror plans, we as a nation must rally behind our security forces.

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