The security forces busted a network of the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), arresting several high-value targets and foiling their plot to establish its militant centres in Balochistan, a spokesperson for the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) said on Thursday.

According to the spokesperson, recent intelligence had revealed that the most dangerous and wanted terrorist commander, who was a TTP Shura member, had reached Balochistan with the aim of setting up a terrorist network.

Acting on information, the law-enforcement agencies, including the CTD Balochistan, launched an operation and successfully thwarted the TTP attempt to establish its centres in the province, the spokesperson said.

“Further investigation exposed a complex network, involving both local and foreign terrorists,” the spokesperson said. “This operation is expected to lead to the arrest of key terrorists and the detention of several facilitators.”

The spokesperson said that the operation by the law-enforcement forces had significantly disrupted the terrorists’ plans, preventing them from achieving their malicious objectives. He added that the law-enforcement personnel were employing their full professionalism to maintain peace in the province

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