Türkiye’s General Director of Migration Management Atilla Toros, in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, Abdul Salam Hanafi, said that Türkiye will assist Afghan farmers in growing alternative crops to opium.

The Arg in a statement said that Toros also added that the Turkish government is interested in investing in various sectors in Afghanistan, including mining, energy, and transportation.

During this meeting, Abdul Salam Hanafi requested that the Turkish government pay attention to the issue of migrants to strengthen relations between the two countries.

“If we have good economic relations with Türkiye, due to its sensitive position as Türkiye connects Asian countries to Europe, Afghanistan can benefit from this,” said Abdul Zuhoor Mudaber, an economic analyst.

Atilla Toros also met with the acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, to discuss strengthening bilateral cooperation and combating mafia groups.

A number of economic analysts believe that expanding and strengthening relations with regional countries, especially Türkiye, is effective in economic growth and job creation in the country, and they called for more facilities for Turkish traders in Afghanistan.

“Countries like Türkiye, China, and Russia that show interest should be convinced to invest in Afghanistan genuinely,” said Mohammad Nabi Afghan, an economic analyst.

“More attention should be paid to the security and safety of investors, and measures that help strengthen investment opportunities should be taken,” said Shakir Yaqubi, an economic analyst.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported a 53% increase in trade with Türkiye in the year 1402 (solar calendar) and said that trade with Türkiye reached over $100 million dollars, with $27 million dollars accounted for by exports.

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