The Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations, Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani, and the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, have lauded the Third Doha Meeting on Afghanistan as a significant opportunity for the comprehensive engagement of all parties to improve the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

The Third Doha Meeting was held last week in Qatar, with the participation of special representatives from over 25 countries and a delegation of the Islamic Emirate.

In a statement refering to the meeting between Qatar’s special representative to the United Nations and Rosemary DiCarlo, the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “The two sides welcomed the outcomes of the Third Doha Meeting of Special Envoys to Afghanistan, and considered it a good opportunity to involve all parties in order to improve the humanitarian conditions of the Afghan people.”

Mohammad Bilal Omar, an international relations analyst, said: “Qatar, one of the United States’ key allies in the Middle East, always strives to use its position and relations with the Islamic Emirate to play a significant role in the relations between the United States and the Islamic Emirate.”

The Islamic Emirate also previously described the Third Doha Meeting as positive, stating that the special representatives of the countries at the meeting demonstrated a cooperative spirit with Afghanistan.

Aziz Maraj, a former diplomat, said: “It was emphasized at the Doha Meeting that engagement with Afghanistan should continue, and their assistance should be sustained. Overall, commitments were made that will be reviewed in the next meeting, and decisions will be made based on the results.”

Zakiullah Mohammadi, a university lecturer, also said: “The participation of the Islamic Emirate’s delegation in international meetings indicates their desire to engage with the world, and the world also wants to engage with them.”

Meanwhile, the Japanese ambassador to Kabul in a meeting with Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, also said the Doha Meeting was significant. He added that the participation of the Islamic Emirate in the Third Doha Meeting has paved the way for better engagement of the interim government with the world.

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