A new UN report reveals that approximately 16 million Afghans are poised to encounter crisis and emergency levels of food insecurity in 2024, in the aftermath of the nation’s prolonged conflict. Released on Thursday, the 2023 UN Afghanistan Annual Results Report highlights the dire situation facing the population, where basic necessities like healthcare, food, livelihoods, and housing are out of reach for many. The report underscores the ongoing struggle for families to feed their children, with nine out of 10 people lacking access to sufficient food, which consumes nearly 89 percent of household incomes. Afghanistan’s dire circumstances are reflected in its ranking of 114th out of 125 countries in the 2023 Global Hunger Index. Since the departure of U.S.-led forces in August 2021, the country, home to approximately 40 million people, has been mired in poverty and economic adversity.

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