UNAMA head Roza Otunbayeva will present a quarterly report on the situation in Afghanistan at the United Nations Security Council meeting tomorrow (Friday, June 21).

In addition to Otunbayeva, representatives from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and an Afghan civil society activist will also attend the Security Council meeting.

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate had requested that UNAMA reflect the realities of Afghanistan in their reports.

“We hope that the Security Council, in the overall general session of the United Nations and its members, will change the destructive policies of regional and global governments towards Afghanistan, and the superpowers that have harsh programs regarding Afghanistan will be directed towards peaceful plans for the development of Afghanistan,” Sediq Mansoor Ansari, a political analyst, told TOLOnews.

“It is good that these meetings are held, and the world is informed about the current situation in Afghanistan, and the United Nations should also clarify the minds of the people. However, if the current situation in Afghanistan is portrayed negatively in these meetings, it questions the positive work of the current government and harms the people of Afghanistan,” said Aziz Stanekzai, another political analyst.

Meanwhile, Roza Otunbayeva discussed UNAMA’s efforts for a prosperous Afghanistan, especially for women, in a meeting with the permanent representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations.

“The international community, as a responsible entity in the world, should not allow human rights violations anywhere in the world and has not fulfilled its responsibility towards women in Afghanistan,” said Alamtab Rasuli, a women’s rights activist.

Earlier, in its first-quarter report released in May this year, UNAMA had expressed concern over the lack of change in the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

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