The US Institute of Peace stated that threats may emerge from Afghanistan and Pakistan targeting the US and its allies.

The institute’s latest report on the counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan was published yesterday (May 14).

The report, which follows studies by the US Institute of Peace’s senior study group, mentions, “Some policymakers perceive counterterrorism efforts, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as a distraction from the intensifying strategic competition with China and Russia.”

The report reads that failure to prevent attacks against the US homeland, regional interests, and allies and major partners would tarnish America’s credibility and reputation.

Despite commitments to prevent threats from Afghanistan, the report claims that the “Taliban” have not cut ties with some groups, though the Islamic Emirate’s fight against ISIS-K is noted to be effective in reducing violence.

The report also mentions, “Terrorist groups are also attempting to destabilize Pakistan. The TTP—a group that has killed Americans and plotted attacks against the US homeland—is imposing significant losses in Pakistan, it may become a bigger threat for Pakistan and the region.”

According to the report, terrorist threats from Afghanistan and Pakistan against India, a major US ally, could cause significant turmoil in the region.

The report recommends:

  • – Applying pressure on the “Taliban” to mitigate terrorist threats and maintaining communication channels open for counterterrorism exchanges instead of isolating them.
  • – Enhancing military and intelligence operations to deter and disrupt terrorist attacks.
  • – Strengthening counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan.
  • – Preparing contingency plans for handling terrorist attacks within the US and against its allies.

These are some of the recommendations that the US Institute of Peace has made to the US government and policymakers on how to revitalize Washington’s counterterrorism strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

At a time when the US Institute of Peace claims security threats from Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stated that the territory of Afghanistan is not a threat to other countries.

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