Extracts from the press statement of Chowdhry Hamidullah Khan President Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, 10th May, 1947

The British Paramountcy of the States has come to an end. It has been transferred to the people. No solution has so far been found out for conceding the demands of various communities living in India. If Kashmir has to keep itself aloof from carnage and bloodshed, it should lose no time in adopting a strong and bold policy. His Highness the Maharaja Bahadur should declare Kashmir independent immediately. A separate constituent assembly to frame the constitution for the state according to the wishes of the people, should be established at once. His Highness the Maharaja Bahadur will receive the cooperation of Muslims in carrying out this policy. The Muslims form 80% of the population. They are represented by the Muslim Conference. The Muslims will welcome the Maharaja Bahadur as the first constitutional ruler of independent and democratic Kashmir.

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