Statement of Mir Waiz Moulvi Yousuf Shah on Congress Working Committee Resolution dated 25th November, 1946

The Congress Working Committee has decided to send a deputation to Kashmir to inquire into the political conditions prevailing here. This interference into the domestic politics of Kashmir is a positive proof of the fact that the Congress leaders still cherish the dream of turning Kashmir into an anti-Pakistan base. The Working Committee has complained that the Kashmir Government has not dealt with the recent affairs in a friendly manner. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are fully aware of the fact that the Congress has no genuine sympathy for them. The tears they are shedding for Kashmiris are those of crocodile. Behind the smoke screen of the alleged atrocities of the Kashmir Government, the Hindu capitalists want to get the State into their grip, but they should note that all their efforts in this respect are bound to fail.
We do not say that Kashmir Government should ban the entry of any deputation to Kashmir, but I warn that if it gets terrified at the might of the Congress and strikes an unholy alliance with the National Conference fascists, it will have to face the terrific opposition of the Muslims. And this sinister alliance will be smashed to pieces.
I trust that the Kashmir Government would, in the interest of peace, boldly face the Congress onslaught. The Congress has obviously taken into its head to enslave whole of Muslim India. I can say it without any fear of contradiction that the sending of a delegation to Kashmir is a part of the sinister game.
The Muslims of Kashmir have warded off Pt. Nehru’s invasion in 1940, 1945 and 1946. Now he is again out to make a fresh attempt and it is the duty of the Kashmir Muslims particularly and all the well wishers of the country generally to smash-up this onslaught.

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