India's War Fighting & Military Exercise

Pakistan’s naval exercise, “Aman-2021“, has ended. 45 countries participated in it. The multinational maritime exercise had two main purposes. One, to stop piracy in the sea, also known as “sea terrorism”. Second, to enhance interoperability between different naval forces from different countries. The exercise was conducted in the Indian Ocean so that the littoral states could be prepared to ward off any terrorist threat coming through the Sea.

The exercise had another aspect too. The whole world holds South Asia, including India, responsible for producing terrorism. It is said that the 9/11 attack was planned in Afghanistan and Pakistan was also involved. When the US-led forces attacked Afghanistan, the Taliban fled and took shelter in FATA (now part of KP). FATA region provided sanctuary to the Taliban as the geography of the area is similar to Afghanistan. From here, the Taliban could plan their operations against the U.S.-led troops for 15 years who had taken over their beloved Kabul and Kandahar.

India and America spread the news that Pakistan was a terrorist state and was called the “originator” of terrorism. Pakistan’s archrival India played an active role in this campaign. By throwing Pakistan under the bus, India got a chance to suppress the Kashmiris. As now cleared by the report of DisInfo lab, India was actively engaged in anti-Pakistan propaganda.

“Aman-2021” exercise could have taken place along India’s western coast or on the mainland. India’s western coast is in fact very apt for such exercises. Pakistan should select the west coast of India for such exercises in future. India has been conducting Malabar exercises with America, Japan and Australia for many years. Why cannot there be “Malabar and Aman 2022” [in the same waters]?

India-U.S. did a five-day joint military exercise “Yudh Abhyas” in Rajasthan, near the border with Pakistan from February 8. We have been arguing that if there is a war between India and Pakistan, the Indian strike Corps would attack the areas from Rahim Yar Khan to Nagarparkar which run parallel to Rajasthan. (The exercise was preparation in that regard.)

India wants to convey to the US that anti-U.S. and anti-India terrorists, who were getting sanctuary in FATA earlier, after the latter’s merger with KP, have come (or may come) to the South of the country. To stop any future attack against the U.S. or India, similar actions need to be taken like in FATA. Some may not agree with this. But one should ask, why would the American troops join a military exercise in Rajasthan!

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