The enforced disappearance of Dr. Shahid and Saif Baloch, abducted from a clinic in Beirut Mandwani area of Taunsa, has once again brought the plight of the Baloch people to the forefront. This egregious act is a grim reminder that no corner of the region is safe from the heavy-handed brutality of Pak forces.

From the coastal towns of Makuran to the inland cities like Taunsa, the Baloch populace lives in constant fear of falling victim to the Army’s oppressive tactics. The youth, including students and activists, bear the brunt of this relentless crackdown on dissent and demands for basic human rights.

Enforced disappearances have become a chilling norm, with countless Baloch individuals unlawfully detained and forcibly made to vanish without a trace. Human rights organizations have repeatedly condemned these harrowing practices and urged Pak authorities, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

In response to the alarming surge in enforced disappearances and harassment targeting the Baloch student community, organizations across Pakistan are mobilizing to raise their voices in protest. These demonstrations underscore the growing frustration and unwavering determination to bring global attention to the violations perpetrated by the very state that is duty-bound to protect its people.

Since the Pak Army’s occupation of Balochistan in 1948, Baloch community has endured a relentless nightmare of oppression, not only subjected to enforced disappearances but also frequent raids, extrajudicial killings, and a complete disregard for our basic human rights.

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