Pakistan Army Junior Leaders Academy


The need to establish Juniors Leaders Academy for our junior leaders was felt since long in order to improve the efficiency of our junior leaders. Since Non Commissioned Officer is an important command link between officers and the troops and if this important link is weak, the end results are likely to be irreparable. To groom this teeth end in the art of leadership, Junior Leaders Academy was established at Shinkiari in May 1988. The first course started on 31 July. The Academy was formally inaugurated by the then Chief of Army Staff, General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Beg on 27 September 1988. Presently two courses, each of 5 months duration are held in a year.

Junior Leaders Academy Location

Pakistan Army Junior Leaders Academy 2

The Pakhli Plain Shinkiari, a picturesque patch in green Hazara with eye-catching scenery is located on Karakoram Highway approximately 19 kilometers north of Mansehra and 165 kilometers from Islamabad. Its integral beauty lies in lush green scenic spots on Sirin River and lawns of tea gardens. Picnic spots like Chattar Plains, Dadar, Kund Bungalow, Batrasi, Darband, and an august pheasantry at Dhudial, enhances the importance of Shinkiari.

In the Pakhli Plains, the summers are generally cool and pleasant with beautiful greenery all around. Monsoon season is not very comfortable due to humidity. Winters are quite severe. Mountains surrounding the valley receive appreciable snow fall in the months of January and February.

Extra-Curricular Activities

For the better grooming and development of leadership traits apart from professional training, extracurricular activities are conducted for the students.

Junior Leaders Academy Campus

Junior Leaders Academy is a self-contained all arms training institution, established over a vast area, encompassing all training and recreational facilities required for an academy. The Academy occupies the most beautiful area in and around Shinkiari with a mix of plain and pine-covered hilly terrain. The natural beauty combined with colorful man-made structures and facilities especially attracts the trainees, trainers, and visitors alike. The vast training areas and sports fields add life to the attractive activities at Junior Leaders Academy. All the available facilities help in training and recreation for students.


Junior Leaders Academy has shown great promise in a short period. It has already become the Alma Mater of junior leaders and has begun to make a difference in the quality of junior leadership in the army. Feedback on graduates of this Academy reveals that the Junior Leaders Academy has played a pivotal role in inducing a sense of competition, awareness, and professional realisation among our junior leaders. Inshallah, our junior leaders will prove themselves second to none may it be war or during peace.

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