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At the time of independence of the country in August 1947, Pakistan Army inherited six armoured regiments from the British Indian Army. For training of officers and men of Pakistan Armoured Corps, the Armoured Corps Centre and School was established at Nowshera in 1947 which also had a School Wing under it.

With the passage of time, more armoured regiments were raised, the organization of the School and the related facilities expanded correspondingly. In 1956, it was named “The Armoured Corps School”.

On 10 June 1969, the School was separated from the Centre and renamed as “The School of Armour” keeping in view the progressive mechanisation plan of the army, the training of all mechanised troops has also been entrusted to this school, therefore the school has been renamed as “The School of Armour and Mechanised Warfare”, since 1993.


Pakistan Army School of Armour and Mechanized Warfare. Al-Zarrar Main Battle Tank of the Pakistan Army

The School of Armour and Mechanised Warfare is located at Nowshera cantonment in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The cantonment is situated 48 kilometers east of the Provincial Capital Peshawar and 128 kilometers west of the Federal Capital Islamabad. It is beautifully located along the bank of the Kabul River and right on the Grand Trunk Road linking Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar. Nowshera is a medium sized city, having a number of Army training establishments. Across the river, just at a distance of about 8 kilometers lies Risalpur a small cantonment in which the Pakistan Air Force Academy and some other training establishments of the Army are located. Nowshera also serves as a gateway to the picturesque Swat valley and further north to the Chitral valley via Lawari pass. The climate in peak summers varies from 40°C – 45°C and in extreme winters it drops down to -°C.

Extra Curricular Activities


Squash, tennis courts, gymnasium, cricket and an excellent golf course (adjacent to the Kabul River) are available on obtaining membership at Services Club Nowshera. The Club organises musical evenings periodically. Members may also organise their own social gatherings at the club.


Books on professional and number of other subjects are available at the Station Library and the school’s own library, which can be made use of by the students for professional study, and light reading General Staff Publications (GSPs) on various subjects are also available at the school for issue to students.

Internet Cafe

Facility of Internet is also available to the students within school premises.

School of Armour Campus

School campus presents a very attractive and scenic view, being located right on the bank of Kabul Rivet. Fast current of River Kabul adds a classic touch to the scenery. The campus mainly comprises following:

  • School Headquarters
  • Technical Wing
  • Tactical Wing
  • Play Grounds
  • Bachelors’ Accommodation
  • Mess
  • Swimming Pool
  • Married Accommodation
  • Library/Internet Cafe


The School of Armour and Mechanised Warfare is one of the elite institutions of Pakistan Army. Over a span of almost five decades, this school has improved tremendously, whether it is training or administrative aspects. The school has had the honour of training about 574 foreign students.

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