State Council Supplementary Rules of business September 5, 1896

1. Petitions in respect of Revenue and Judicial cases shall be ordinarily presented to the Court or Officer concerned, under the regulations in force, all miscellaneous petitions presented to His Highness the Maharaja being, however, referred by him to the Member-in-Charge of the Department concerned for disposal or report, if necessary.
2. His Highness the Maharaja, may send for Proceedings finally disposed of by a Member in Chambers, and if he sees reason for not concurring in the decision or order given, may refer the matter to the Council, this rule shall not, however apply to regular Revenue and Judicial cases, pending or disposed of, for which a special procedure is laid down in the existing rules of business, and State Council Circular No: 47 dated 15th February 1890 under Resolution No: 15 dated 15.2.1890 and under Resolution No: 51 dated 18.1.1900.
3. Every Member-in-Charge of a Department shall prepare a synopsis of the business conducted by him outside the Council, showing the important matters disposed of by him’ the action taken by him on suggestions made or Irshads issued by Highness the Maharaja, and the appointments or transfers made to posts exceeding Rs.50 a month.
4. The synopsis referred to in Rule 3, shall be laid before the Maharaja for his perusal and signature, and shall than be sent to the Resident along with the Proceedings of the State Council.
5. No Khillats or rewards to State Officials shall be granted except on the recommendation of the Member-in-Charge of the Department concerned.
6. Khillats and donations given to persons not being officials of the State by direct Irshad of His Highness the Maharaja shall be limited to a value of not exceeding Rs, 12,000 per annum.
7. No grants of Nazul Property and alienation of State Property on Nazrana and otherwise shall be made except by a formal Resolution of Council, passed in consultation with the Resident.
8. It shall be competent to a Member-in Charge of a Department to reserve any question for an expression of the views of the Resident, the Council in all such cases refraining from finally disposing of the case until it is furnished with them.
9. All dismissals shall be invariably regulated by- the procedure laid down and sanctioned by the State Council under its Rules.
10. No. expulsion from State territory shall be restored to except after consultation with the Resident.
11. All important papers, or, if necessary, copies of such’ papers relating to references entered in the Agenda, shall be sent to His Highness the Maharaja, a few days or as long as possible before the meeting.
5th September, 1896.
Sd/- (Amar Singh)

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