State Council Supplementary Rules of business November 5, 1899
Read Resident in Kashmir’s letter No. 6575 dated 29th October, 1899 suggesting the distribution of different departments to be controlled by members of the State Council.
Resolved unanimously that the following distribution of the departments proposed by His Highness Maharaja be sanctioned and that the members concerned be informed accordingly.
Vice – President to Administer:
1. Foreign Department.
2. Military Department including stables, Baghikhana, Telegraph and post.
3. Police.
4. Dharamarth.
5. To shakhanas both ginsi and Reserve and museum.
6. Shikar preserves and game laws.
7. Mines.
8. Reception.
Revenue Member to be In Charge Of:
1. Revenue.
2. Public Works Department.
3. Customs.
4. Education.
5. Sericulture.
6. State Property in British India.
Judicial Member to Control:
1. Judicial.
2. Jail.
3. Press.
4. Medical.
5. Forests.
6. Municipalities.
7. Council Secretariat.

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