The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has reportedly captured multiple Pak military outposts in the Kalat district. The BLA’s Fateh Squad and STOS units have simultaneously seized two outposts and a camp in a coordinated operation.

According to a statement released by the BLA, their freedom fighters attacked and took control of a Pak military camp and its outposts in the Iskalko area of Kalat. The pro- independence group said that 11 Pak Army soldiers were killed in the assault, with the survivors fleeing and leaving behind the bodies of their fallen peers.

The BLA also claims to have seized a significant cache of arms and ammunition during the operation. Additionally, they report engaging with advancing Pak troops and gunship helicopters in the aftermath of the initial attack.

This bold move by the BLA marks a significant escalation in their ongoing movement against Pak forces in Pak-occupied-Balochistan. The region has long been a hotbed of revolutionary activities, with various groups fighting for independence from Pakistan Army.

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