In a statement, the Ministry of Vice and Virtue said that Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, during a meeting with Turkish media representatives, stated that the Islamic Emirate has no other request from the world except to portray the true image of Afghanistan.

According to the statement, ensuring the rights of the country’s citizens was another key issue discussed in the meeting.

Mohammad Faqir Mohammadi, the deputy of the Ministry of Vice and Virtue, said: “The minister made this request to show the true image of the Emirate to the world. Some people are biased and reflect the policies of the Islamic Emirate differently.”

The acting Minister of Vice and Virtue once again assured the protection of citizens’ rights and added that women’s rights have been ensured in Afghanistan since the Islamic Emirate came to power.

Tafsir Syahposh, a women’s rights activist, said: “Schools and universities are closed, new restrictions are imposed every day, and we do not see any rights being respected.”

Since the rise of the Islamic Emirate, human rights, especially women’s and girls’ rights, have been a topic of discussion in Afghanistan. However, the Islamic Emirate has consistently emphasized that women’s rights are protected within the framework of Islamic Sharia and that other countries should not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

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